Zinc Phosphating

We also process metal in different variants and our products are used in almost all industries. It is therefore important that we also have to fulfill zinc phosphate coatings.

Zinc phosphating

The chemical pretreatment with zinc phosphating is ideal for the later application of organic or inorganic coatings (e.g. powder coatings, wet painting and much more). The phosphate layer improves the mechanical surface properties and, in conjunction with oiling, acts as temporary corrosion protection.

Possible uses and further information

Zinc phosphating is a chemical treatment. In contrast to electrolytic treatment, the workpiece is immersed in an aqueous zinc phosphate solution and thus forms a thin conversion layer. The surface layer created in this way consists of firmly adhering zinc phosphates which, thanks to their porous structure, have very good absorbency and thus form the ideal base for further treatment with oils and varnishes or other coating processes.

The subsequent oiling also gives zinc phosphating very good, temporary corrosion protection properties that can be used as the basis for a multi-layer corrosion protection concept. Like all phosphating processes, treatment with zinc phosphate improves the sliding properties of a surface. This has a slight friction and wear-reducing effect in subsequent forming processes.

Zinc phosphating is used in various industries e.g. in the automotive industry as an adhesion promoter, in the electronics industry or in the mechanical engineering industry for extended wear and corrosion protection.

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