Rubber Hoses

    Highest flexibility. In the narrowest space.

    Where pipelines reach their natural limits, our molded hoses made of EPDM are a perfect and inexpensive solution. Whether tree machines, marine diesel, commercial vehicles or compressors: Tight and complicated installation conditions often necessitate bending radii that can no longer be realized with pipelines. This is where the field of application of highly elastic molded hoses begins, which can fulfill almost all geometries; In addition, molded hoses compensate for tolerances better. They therefore also serve as vibration dampers and reliably prevent vibration leaks or breaks.

    From development to series production

    We have basic equipment with all types of molded hoses. In most cases and especially with new designs, however, individual solutions are required that are precisely tailored to the specifications of the manufacturers. We offer the complete service for you! The engineering covers everything from the development of molded hoses to sampling and in series production. A mandrel is made from steel or stainless steel based on the specifications, the geometry of which is then precisely reproduced by the molded hose produced.

    Consistent quality with a long service life

    We produce 95% from EPDM. The ethylene-propylene rubber is resistant to aqueous media and is therefore often used in the cooling water sector. The versatile material is also characterized by high aging, weather and ozone resistance and can be used in temperature ranges from -50C to +150C.