Rubber Compounds

– Feasible between 45 -85 Shore A
– easy and quick to use.
– 500 kg per pallet.
– Heat resistant between -40 C and 120 C
– Can also be manufactured according to customer-specific specifications.
– Density: 1.21 (+ – 5) (g / cm3)
– Suitable for extrusion and pressing processes.

Rubber is a raw material that gains its main property elasticity, due to its molecular structure, after the vulcanization process. Thanks to its elasticity, katushuk can be pressed, curved or twisted without losing its original shape. That is why the rubber polymers are also called elastomers.

The production of rubber materials primarily requires all elastomers, which are divided into natural and synthetic rubbers. Natural rubber is the only naturally occurring elastomer that is extracted from an extremely dried extract from some trees.

Synthetic rubbers are elastomers that are produced by synthesis. They are developed for the growing market, which demands products with an ever higher chemical resistance at high and low temperatures and aging due to weather conditions.

In addition to EPDM, AKLAST AG can also produce NR, CR, SBR, NBR, VMQ mixtures thanks to constant development and research.

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